About our contest tour

A brief history

The contest tour series was founded in 2009 in Munich, Germany. It was the result of a desire of the local BMX scene to have a platform for riders in the area.

Although Bavaria had a very large BMX scene, up until that point, there had been no quality action sports events bringing together riders to compete and enjoy in essence BMX weekends. Not to speak of making these weekends accessible for large crowds.

BMX EXHOP contest tour 2014

Danny at the Munich Street festival back in 2014

Following a successful start with BMX and Mountainbike events, the EX&HOP contest tour has continued to establish itself over the years as the destination for a competitive and social come together – friends relinking after long periods of disconnection and of course making new ones. Notwithstanding this is now the place where rookie riders are able to take part in a major event competing for the first time.

Despite being a contest, EX&HOP is for all intents a platform for riders of all types to showcase their sport and skills to the public and enjoy the weekend in amongst likeminded company in a rather jam-like format.

And we did not stop at creating this event as BMX-only. Today we are hosting Skateboarders, Mountainbikers, Snowboarders and Wakeboarders alike.

Since 2009 EX&HOP contest tour has added 7 additional stops to the original which hails from Munich. The tour now includes BMX Flatland and Skateboard on top of the BMX and Mountainbike riders‘ contest.

Every year now more than 200 riders from all over the world take part in the events in Germany, Austria, France, Indonesia and Australia. We are now heading on to produce more spots especially overseas, like Mexico and Bolivia.

Who are the makers of the contest tour?


Check out our EX&HOP Youtube channel for impressions of our former events.

What else we do

All events executed by FURTHER. Check for their services FURTHER.